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Steam Bath

At Purna Yoga Retreat Centre we use a sitting steam bath for the whole body except the head. The benefits of this treatment are numerous and include improved circulation and metabolism, clearer skin, deep tissue detoxification, reduction of muscle pain and stiffness, stimulated digestion and deep relaxation. We also add pure essential oils and fragrant herbs to the steam to enhance the treatment's benefits.

Mud Bath

We use natural red clay sourced from this local area and make a wet mud preparation which guests apply to their skin. The clay has a purifying and moisturising effect on the skin. When applied, the clay actually draws from the pores, absorbing impurities and helping to release toxins and wastes from deep tissues. Minerals from the mud also nourish the skin and restore its vitality.

In addition to the health benefits, our guests find the mud bath to be fun as our inner child appreciates playing with the clay. The mud bath is available on sunny days. We leave the mud on the skin for about 20-30 min to dry in the sun and then shower it off.

Himalayan Pink Salt Foot Bath

Our fragrant Himalayan pink salt foot bath is a sure way to a complete relaxation and soothing of tired feet but it also has many health benefits. Himalayan pink salt is high in minerals and it's a great purifier, it also has anti-microbial properties. We like to add a few drops of pure essential oils and some herbs to our foot bath to further enhance its benefits. This relaxing treatment is especially sought after by our guests who have returned from trekking.

Aroma Steam Inhalations

When steam and essential oils are combined they form a very potent way to help treat some ailments, especially those of the upper respiratory tract, nose and sinuses as well as opening the pores, cleansing and nourishing the skin from within. Benefits of this treatment include improved circulation, detoxification, stress reduction, purer skin and help with breathing problems.

We have a selection of pure essential oils which we use in blends to open up the breathing pathways, to clear sinuses and nourish the skin. In this treatment the oils of Cajuput, Rosemary, Lavender, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree are used.

Special Programs

Special Programs

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