Yoga Juice Cleanse Retreat

3 Days / 4 Nights

Cost: 330 USD per person

This three days detox retreat is suitable for people who wish to experience three days of yoga and meditation in a peaceful setting combined with a juice fast - a perfect way to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Fasting has been a powerful tool of spiritual development for yogis and sages over thousands of years. Today's modern version of fasting - juice fast (or a juice feast as we prefer to call it) can be a great tool to improve your health and boost your energy levels. This process allows you to go deeper into nourishing your body, enhancing natural detoxification processes happening in your body daily and rejuvenating at a cellular level, which is then reflected in better health and new found vitality. The benefits of juice fasting are plentiful and along with resetting your digestion and boosting the immune system, it can make you feel lighter, happier, healthier and more focused.

This retreat features all daily activities of yoga and meditation as per our daily retreat schedule but instead of eating solid foods, you will be drinking pure and living vegetable juices so that your body can move its focus from digesting into nourishing, cleansing and healing. Each juice serving contains 500ml of pure raw vegetable juice which is full of living vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and you will drink this 4 times a day. We juice carrots, cucumbers, beetroots, apples, coriander, pak choi, spinach, bottle gourd, lettuce, mint, parsley, basil, pumpkin, squash, courgette, watermelon, white and red cabbage, radish, local greens, melon, limes, ginger and more.

We prepare our fresh vegetable juices with the assistance of the newest technology of slow juicing, otherwise known as masticating or cold-pressed juicing. The slow juicing process ensures maximum extraction of living goodness out of vegetables and absence of heat in this process preserves nutrients and enzymes so that our juices are extra fresh and wholesome. We use one of the best slow juicers on the market, the Hurom HH Elite and we prepare our juices fresh every time, just minutes before serving.

Besides the raw juices, you will also drink plenty of strained vegetable broth, mineral water and herbal teas to aid in detoxification. You are free to do as much or as little physical activity as you feel comfortable during this juice cleanse. It is also possible to extend the duration of your juice cleanse to maximum 6 days if you prefer a longer juice fast.

You can start this three days retreat on any day of the week after 3pm, the next three days being your retreat program and departure on the following morning. We do recommend confirming your reservation in advance as spaces are limited. Please send an email to or use our booking page.

Included in the program:

  • 4 nights accommodation on twin sharing basis with attached bathroom
  • Dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast on the day of departure
  • Freshly extracted raw vegetable juice 4 times a day (500ml) on three days of the program
  • Yoga & Meditation activities on three days of the program as per our Retreat Daily Schedule
  • Wellness activities of steam bath, mud bath etc. as per our Wellness Activities
  • Daily group sound immersion as per our Sound Bath
  • Magnetised pure mineral water
  • Purna Yoga signature herbal tea
  • Free pick up & drop service from Lakeside, Pokhara Airport & Buspark
For any questions in relation to this retreat program or anything else, please feel free to contact us on We look forward to hearing from you.

Special Programs

Special Programs

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