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Purna Yoga Retreat Centre is located in the scenic and tranquil city of Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal and the hub for yoga and meditation activities.

Our yoga centre is nestled on a hillside in the quiet area just above Lakeside, in the northern part of town, featuring a stunning view over Phewa Lake and the surrounding hills. We are located right behind Pokhara Castle Resort, only a short drive or a 20min walk away from the hustle and bustle of Lakeside.

Nepal's only international airport is located in the capital city of Kathmandu and that is where you will land on your arrival. Kathmandu is located 200km away from Pokhara and there are several ways to travel between these two cities – by an A/C tourist coach (7 hrs), by taxi (5 hrs) or by domestic flight from Kathmandu (30min).

Once you reach Pokhara you can get to our centre by a leisurely walk (20-30min from Lakeside) or by our dedicated car transfer service.

We can arrange your pick up from Pokhara Airport ($10), Pokhara Tourist Bus Park ($8) or anywhere else in Pokhara, just send us an email on or give us a call on +977 9841436877 to arrange this.

You can also take a taxi, most drivers will know the location of Purna Yoga Retreat Centre.

Walking directions to our centre from Lakeside

If you enjoy walking, getting to our centre from Lakeside is a leisurely stroll through some beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

There are two ways to reach our yoga retreat by foot. You can take the longer way which is a wide off-road trail through which vehicles reach our centre, this will take around 40min walking from Hallan Chowk. Or you can take a short cut which is a small walking path crossing through a local neighbourhood and this takes just 25min from Hallan Chowk.

From Hallan Chowk (main intersection of Lakeside) follow the Lakeside main street north towards the paragliders landing spot, walking past Blue Sky Paragliding, then Three Sisters Guest House, Freedom Cafe and finally Banyan Tree Guest House. It takes approx. 10min to get to this point. From here the way to our yoga centre will be well signposted so look out for the signs.

Short Cut

If you wish to take the short cut trail, just after Banyan Tree guest house on the right, you will notice a small temple, just like on the photo. Take the narrow path by the temple and follow this small path walking past Vienna Lake Lodge, then continue on until you pass Gate of Himalaya Jungle Resort at which point the path splits and you need to follow the path going uphill to the left.

From now on the path will lead you uphill for 8-10min. Continue following the stone steps trail uphill, watch the signposts and you will reach our centre once you get to the top of this hill.

Vehicle Route

Continue on the main road from Banyan Tree guest house until you reach Waterfront Park Hotel.

Follow the road further and just 200m after Waterfront Park Hotel you will arrive at a junction where the main road with a small bridge turns to the left and a minor dirt road continues straight on. You will see a big sign for Purna Yoga Retreat Centre here.

Continue straight onto the minor dirt road which will bring you up to our centre. Follow this road until in splits and here you need to take a right and continue uphill – please look out for our signposts.

Upon reaching the entrance to The Castle Resort continue uphill for just another 200m before you reach our centre at the top of this hill on your left.

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Special Programs

Special Programs

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