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Purna Yoga Retreat Centre has been born out of great lifelong passion for yoga and meditation and a firm belief in the long lasting benefits we can reap if only we make a little room for these practices in our daily lives.

Our journey with yoga has started over 20 years ago but we have made it our full time profession in 2008 when Nepal Yoga Trek came to life – an innovative concept to combine yoga, meditation and trekking in the amazing landscapes of the mighty Himalaya mountains.

Here our love of yoga and our love of nature merged together creating a wonderful space for recharging and uplifting the body, mind and spirit.

Hundreds of guests experience this wonderful combination every year and this has presented us with a great opportunity to learn about providing outstanding service but most of all we have learned to care for and support our guests on their inner as well as outer journey.

Little did we know how immensely popular our yoga trekking concept would turn out to be over the next few years and how it would become a catalyst for further expansion into opening a yoga studio, developing a training program for new yoga teachers here in Nepal, starting up a social empowerment project of PEP Nepal and finally fulfilling our lifelong dream – opening a yoga retreat centre.

From the beginning of our work as Nepal Yoga Trek we have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful trekking porters, most of whom were young and had little working alternatives in life. We quickly realised we could help them create a better future for themselves and their families through innovative income generating programs and training opportunities.

Every one of our staff members quickly becomes a valued part of our Purna Yoga family and what started as a simple attempt to help people we came to care about, grew into a project which has and will continue to reach many more young people in the years to come.

As Nepal Yoga Trek grew and expanded, we developed a need for more yoga teachers but we quickly realised that it's not easy to find yoga teachers with the level of knowledge and expertise we would be satisfied with. This led to creating our own yoga teacher training program and inviting keen people, who had a natural talent and interest in the subject to join our team and provide them with extensive yoga training sponsored by Purna Yoga. We have been training young people in yoga for the past 3 years.

Throughout this whole time we have been working towards being able to finally fulfil our vision and create a yoga retreat and training centre where we could bring yoga and meditation to a greater audience and enrich more peoples' lives in the process.

When the opportunity presented itself, we began to pour all of our inspiration, love and passion into creating our cosy yoga and meditation centre where people can come to learn, rest, relax and kick start their healthier lifestyle or simply just be here and now and enjoy themselves.

That is, in short, how our Purna Yoga Retreat Centre came to existence. We are continuously striving to learn better ways, to improve and we invite you to take this journey with us, the journey within, which is the most exciting, enriching and the most important journey each and every one of us can make in our lives.

Special Programs

Special Programs

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