Mandala Art Making Workshop

10:30am - 5:30pm

Cost: 50 USD per person
Minimum 2 participants required

The term 'mandala' comes from the Sanskrit word for circle. Mandalas are symbolic pictures or patterns and their colours and geometry help to bring inner focus and peace. They are often in the shape of a circle, but may also be enclosed in a square or contain squares or other shapes within them. Mandalas occur abundantly in nature (think flowers, snowflakes, spiral shells, pine cones etc) and have also been created by many cultures throughout history and all over the world - from the North and South America, to Australia, China, India and Tibet.

Mandalas are wonderful focussing aids in meditations, and indeed the very creation of a mandala is a meditative process in itself.

This workshop takes you through the process of creating your own mandala using the technique of yarn weaving onto a solid framework. You get to craft your mandala with the use of multi-coloured yarn, you will chose your own colour theme and the potential of the combination of shapes and patterns is unlimited, making your mandala unique.

This is a wonderful and relaxing process where you get to connect with your own creative energy and channel it into something beautiful. This is great fun as well as a wonderful way to learn to just slow down - the process of creating the mandala is a meditation of sorts, it’s very relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying.

What is Included:

  • All supplies and materials – yarn, wire, glue, scissors
  • Guidance of a mandala maker
  • Lunch
  • Herbal tea

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Special Programs

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