Excerpts from our guest book

We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn about yoga and the deeper meaning of life amongst you at Purna Yoga and for having spent wonderful and enriching moments in your company. Each one of you makes Purna Yoga a very special place. We will deeply miss the positive and homely energy prevailing here and hope that we are taking a little bit of it back with us. We already feel that this trip has been a life changing experience and we are really excited and determined to continue our yoga journey and follow up on the knowledge we’ve learned here. Thank you very much for your generosity, for sharing yourselves so freely with us, for your sincerity and friendship. Thank you for accommodation our requests and for all your care and attention. Lots of love and light until next time.

- Reshma & Kunal, Mauritius
Thank you for a wonderful stay, I can’t seem to find the right words to express my gratitude. Everything was simply perfect and I could not have wished for a better yoga retreat experience. All of you are so caring, loving and helpful, I will carry you in my heart forever. I learned so much from you and at the same time I felt like I was spending time with family or with good friends. Yoga was fantastic, I loved how you bring the philosophy into the practice, it’s not just about physical act, but it goes much deeper. It is not something I ever experienced before and I enjoyed this new way of looking at yoga very much. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the delicious food that you prepared every day, so nourishing and so mouthwatering. Binod told me how to make his lentil soup so I can bring a little of this taste home. Now I’m going back home but something feels different inside and I know I will return here. Thank you and see you again.

- Vera, Australia
To everyone at Purna Yoga – thank you for making us feel amazing, both inside and out! The yoga and meditation practices have been inspiring and led by true yogis. I am an experienced practitioner and my partner is fairly new to yoga and you have managed our very different levels together in one class magnificently. We look forward to coming again and telling everyone we know about Purna Yoga.

- Zakiya & Paul
Dear Purna Yoga team, thank you so much for a wonderful few days. We are leaving calmer, more relaxed and inspired to bring yoga into our busy London lives. Our favourites were the morning sessions and the sound meditation. The food was fabulous (including the non-diary variations) and the unlimited tea was delicious and that’s a big compliment from two Brits. Thank you for the care and attention taken for every little detail, you are all doing a fantastic job. We hope to come back one day for a longer stay.

- Ryan & Emily, United Kingdom
Purna Yoga – talk about an amazing way to cleanse my mind, body & soul. I found this place by accident and it exceeded any expectations I had. The staff is so kind, helpful and passionate about the program. It comes through in the classes, treatments and even the food – top notch. And are you kidding me about the view – I woke up every morning to one of the best views of the lake and town in all of Pokhara. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every one of you. My 3 day juice cleanse was what the doctor ordered. Now back to the “real world” where I will apply all that I have learned here. Hope to be back soon.

- Will, USA
Dear Purna Yoga Team, words cannot explain my gratitude for all your hard work and genuine efforts. You each have shined a bright light in my life and your vibrant souls inspired me every day. I will never forget the wonderful life lessons you taught me. This experience has truly been life changing. I plan to keep up with the yoga and meditation at home for sure. Till next time my friends! And trust me I will be back as soon as I can. So much love.

- Hunter, USA
I am so pleased with my decision to make this yoga retreat a part of my Nepal experience! Learning the value of yoga to help bring more peaceful living and learn more about the Nepali culture is invaluable knowledge. As soon as we stepped out of the cab, we were instantly in paradise and greeted by such lovely people, who already knew our names. The care taken in yoga activities, maintenance and food preparation is so clearly seen. Thank you for such a priceless experience. Purna Yoga surely captures the true beauty of Pokhara and Nepal in general. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and I hope to be back one day.

- Megan, USA
Purna Yoga Retreat WOW! I arrived with a heaviness, the kind only western life brings… Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis affecting mostly my legs, joints and muscles – my situation seemed hopeless. After five days at the retreat, working with the amazing staff I see a new way! The strength and confidence I have gained in such a short time has astounded me, way more than what I could have achieved in a gym. I have learned to be mindful in all that I do. I have received private lessons concentrating on leg and core strength, leaving me very confident to trek and maybe even climb again. This will also benefit my surfing big time. The program is perfect including the organic fresh food. Positive plus and thank you!

- James, Australia
In the beginning there is “just” a seed but it has the capacity to grow and produce fruits but it needs time, care and patience. Dear Purna Yoga team thank you for reminding me of the value of patience, awareness and compassion. I always felt welcome and your care made my stay unique and unforgettable. Take care and I am sure we will see each other again. Thank you for an amazing time and great food.

- Anja, Germany
The 10 days spent at Purna Yoga brought me everything I was looking for when I’ve decided to come here – peace and happiness. These were the days I felt the most relaxed in my entire life. It would have been hard not to be relaxed – amazing view, great yoga practice, delicious food and the most important – incredible people. Thank you Purna Yoga , I loved everything about my stay and I am sure that we will see each other again.

- Alexandra, Romania
Dear Purna Yoga, my friends, words cannot express how great the last two weeks have been. I am so sad to leave you all. I will miss you all dearly and I will miss these amazing meals. I loved Purna pancakes! I cannot wait to return to see you all again. I will be back in 5 years and you better have those avocado trees ready. Thank you and all my love.

- Jessie, Ireland
To the whole team at Purna Yoga – thank you so much for this great experience that you allowed me to have over the past couple of weeks. It has been absolutely amazing and this is one yoga retreat that I will never forget. Everything was just perfect! So relaxing with great yoga, wellness activities and amazing food! A special thank you to Manohar and Chandra for looking after me so well during my colon cleanse. I will see you again for sure.

- Tien, Australia
It has been a wonderful stay here that has opened my eyes to everything that yoga means – not just physical movements but a whole holistic life philosophy. I will be recommending Purna to anyone who is really interested in learning about the whole picture. Also thank you for this beautiful building, accommodation and great food.

- Marie Claire, United Kingdom
Dear Purna, I came here expecting a yoga retreat from everyday life, to have good food and most importantly do yoga. What I experienced was far beyond any of this. I’ve truly learned something greater than I could have imagined. Thank you for igniting something inside me. The journey is only beginning.

- Billy, Canada
Thanks so much for an amazing stay – it was the perfect end to my trip in Nepal and I will return to England with a happy heart and a clear mind. The staff have been so friendly and really fill the days here with happiness. From the food to the rooms and the yoga itself, everything has been really superb. I hope I can return to the retreat sometime in the future or maybe to enjoy a yoga trek with you guys. Thanks so much once again!

- Tom, United Kingdom
You are simply amazing! I felt I could be totally myself and I enjoyed every second of my stay. Thank you for this wonderful time and I feel like I made great friends with you all. I will keep the things I learned here with me and also share with everyone I know on the path of love and life. I love you all! My deepest and warmest wishes to all of you.

- Cate & Lise, Canada
Thank you for these amazing days! We loved the variation of the yoga classes and also the meditation. Thank you for introducing us to yoga and also for making our stay here as relaxing and as comfortable as possible. We will definitely recommend this place to our friends and family back home. We are also grateful for this food, the best in whole Nepal! Thank you again.

- Ida & Linn, Sweden
Dear Purna Yoga, thank you for an unforgettable week here. This past year has been a terrible year for me and I cried so many tears of pain and loss. This morning at my last yoga class I cried tears of gratitude. I wasn’t sure I was still able to feel this much gratitude. I am changed by my time with you all. It was the best thing that I decided to stay here instead of the trek because now I know that I realy needed to be here with you all. Love and light and so much gratitude to you all.

- Jenny, USA
Dear Purna Yoga Team, one gets the sense when being here for a few days, that you really have the key to wisdom and happiness. This place is beautiful but you make it even more beautiful. Thank you all for your care, your affection and for teaching us, not only with your yoga classes, but with the way you live and work. I hope to come back here and do one of your yoga treks. Take much care.

- Olga, Russia
Thank you for those wonderful days that were really relaxing and blissful. I enjoyed the time a lot and would definitely try to find my way back again soon. Keep up the amazing spirit, classes and food. I am positive you will develop this place to the fullest potential and fulfill all your dreams. Thanks a million again and best regards.

- Angelica, Sweden
I would like to say thank you very much for the fantastic days at your place. All of you are so friendly and kind that it felt like home to me. You provide a way to get into a higher spirit with your care and all activities and that’s how I felt during my stay here. I will always remember my time here and will always recommend your center to other from my heart. Thanks and all the best for you.

- Tina, Germany
I am truly grateful for having been recommended a stay at Purna Yoga. The last 10 days have been some of my best in Nepal and I am most certain that I will return here again another time. This is a magnificent place, perfect to rewind and find new focus. But what makes this place so special is the Purna Yoga family. Each and every one of you is amazing and I will think back on many moments with laughter, music and dancing, not to forget the sound meditation and yoga nidra. I wish I could bring all of you with me back home including “the twins” and their unbelievable work in the kitchen. Thank you for being just the way you are – full of inspiration. Thank you for making me feel as part of the Purna Yoga family. Keep smiling and laughing, see you soon!

- Anne, Denmark
Dearest Purna Yoga team, thanks a million for a wonderful, relaxing and inspiring 10 days here. I learned so much from you about yoga, meditation, philosophy and the way Nepal works. But what made this stay the most special are you – wonderful human beings with heartwarming personalities, your open minds, your kindness and your attention have made me so very comfortable here. And not to forget – the extraordinary, delicious and healthy food and juices during the whole stay and the detox part. I will keep you in my heart and hope to come back again.

- Katrin - Switzerland
Thank you so much for the last 4 days. It was better than I expected or could have expected. I will tell all my friends about this amazing place hidden in Nepal. Not only because I wish you to have lots of guests but also because I want to give others a chance for such a wonderful and peaceful stay and experience. Thank you.

- Ruth, Netherlands
Dear Purna Yoga team, I truly enjoyed my stay here. Everything is superb, the food is scrumptious, the people are wonderful! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and I feel like I found my love in Nepal – warm people and warm welcome, this will always stay with me. Till we meet again in Nepal. Keep up the good work and God Bless You. Lots of love.

- Azian & Zaharah, Kuwait
Dear Purna Yoga Team, each one of you I will remember for how you have taken care of me during my 8 day stay at the retreat here. What really stands out in my memory is all the laughter we shared together. Manohar, I appreciate how you cared for my health – you not only spoiled me during my cleansing but you also shared with me your ayurvedic teachings, music and mantras. I will remember our long chat one afternoon outside of the kitchen and I promise to do your home assignments. Agni, besides the teachings and wisdom you shared I will always remember your funny side and the times we enjoyed over dinner, chanting together and the great conversations. I will miss your yoga nidra for sure! Karnesh, you are a very talented person, your amazing angelic voice, your drum and dancing is what I will remember most. Thank you for sharing your own song with us and playing the guitar for us. Chandra, your smile is contagious, that moment when you facilitated my cleansing is what I will remember the most. You made me laugh throughout and the process was a lot more enjoyable thanks to you. Binod and Kumar, thank you for the really yummy food, the best I’ve ever had. I could not concentrate on my meditation imagining what the next meal will be! Living in the “dark side” will no longer be difficult as before because now I have all these great memories and lessons to remember. I am comforted with the thought that I have finally found a special place wher I can return to. I’ll see you again some day soon.

- Susan, Philippines
I am really thankful for this experience of doing yoga for the first time and I could not wish for a better place introducing me to this practice. The instructors were amazing and made my stay the perfect end of my Nepal trip. When I get back to my job and the university, I will remember your teachings and your calming voices - inhale and exhale. Lots of love. P.S. The food was amazing, thank you.

- Sumea, Germany
A special blessing falls upon everyone who visits Purna Yoga – being in the company of light beings dedicated to sharing their knowledge and love for the benefit of others. To Manohar and the whole team – thank you from my heart and may you all enjoy peace and a long life doing what you do – with your beautiful smiles.

- Con, Ireland
My time at Purna Yoga Reterat has opened up a new world for me and I will forever be thankful for the knowledge, laughter and love shared. During my time I have overcome three “impossibilities” too:

Impossibility 1: I had always scratched my head in wonder when I read about body healers and yogis who claimed to feel energy (prana) moving through the body. I truly thought that these people were bonkers. But behold day 3 of my 10 day stay and with fantastic instruction I became aware of a subtle vibration in my heart during the sound meditation session. I am now becoming more attuned to this energy and life had become a little more mysterious and fun.

Impossibility 2: I have always been a fantastic dancer and singer but only in my bedroom with my cat and dog as the only witnesses to my talent. It was during bhakti yoga and kirtan sessions where I found the strength to let myself share my singing without inhibition with other people.

Impossibility 3: I never thought I could ever be happy without coffee and meat. These fears were washed away by the most delicious vegetarian food I have ever tasted and bottomless cups of herbal tea. I could continue to express my gratitude by using up every page left in this guest book but I will cut to the chase and say a huge thank you to the passionate and kind Purna Yoga team for teaching in a way that has helped me to learn to develop my own practice with the right attitude and goals in mind. I wish everyone the very best for their journeys. Thanks again and again.

- Louise, New Zealand
Thank you so much for the wonderful two days I had here. I felt so welcome and had such a good rest. The food is amazing, the yoga lessons were so good and the overall experience was very relaxing. I will leave with sore limbs from all the yoga, but with a happy heart. Keep up the good work, I’ll always recommend you highly. Best wishes.

- Annemijn, Holland
It was wonderful to feel our whole body during the yoga sessions and the relaxing singing bowl sound meditation. And when we were chanting and dancing during kirtan in your beautiful yoga hall with panoramic views over Fewa Lake. It felt like we were surrendering to light and love. We will remember these three days always and we will keep all the staff and teachers in our memories. All the best

- Andrea & Suzanne, Germany
Thank you so much! My two days here have been incredible ad I have loved every moment. I wish I could stay for longer but I know I will return one day. It has been a honor to be a guest here although I feel more like a student because I have learned so much. I am excited to go home and do my own practice now. This is an absolutely beautiful place and I am so grateful for my time here. I look forward to returning one day again. Thank you.

- Kaitlin, Australia
Thank you for this beautiful 5 day journey of yoga practice, meditation, good food, great atmosphere, amazing conversations and learning experience. This place is filled with the most kind and heartfelt people that will do anything to make your stay beautiful, comfortable and relaxing. I highly recommend this place to anyone with or without yoga experience. The guys here are experts and wil definitely make you feel at home. I am glad I came here, you exceeded my expectations and I am leaving with a mind full of new ideas and a heart filled with happiness, warmth and love. Thank you.

- Lisa, Germany
Thank you very much for a very enjoyable 6 day stay with you. I enjoyed every moment here, mainly due to the warm hearted instructors, who made my stay. I feel cleaner, healthier and more relaxed after my stay with you. I’ll miss all the great food you have been serving as well as the beautiful surroundings and people. You have all my recommendations. I hope I will be able to come back one day. Warmest regards,

- Mette, Denmark
Thank you so much for everything from my warm heart. You are my brothers, friends and teachers. It has been a beautiful experience and I feel healthy, happy and I am now a non- smoker. You have made me warm inside and touched my heart. Thank you for the wonderful hearty food, especially the pancakes! I loved the yoga, the singing with your beautiful voices and relaxing to the sound immersion and I actually have improved my body, mind and soul here. Thank you from my deepest heart love.

- Aaron, United Kingdom
This isn’t “Goodbye”, this is “See you later” Purna Yoga. I am more than pleased with my stay here at this beautiful center, I am at peace. This is the most relaxed I have been since arriving to Nepal 3 weeks ago. Just as there are many outdoor clothes stores in Pokhara, there are numerous yoga retreats to choose from. They offer different packages and prices and many people will see the lowest prices and go for those packages – but don’t. Purna and the staff and the food and the accommodation and classes and the knowledge are more than worth it. You can’t put a price tag on your life and your mental and physical health. This takeaway knowledge will follow you throughout. With that I promise myself and the generous staff that I will practice these lessons daily and that I will be back here again. Thank you, I love you, Namaste and see you later. Keep moving and keep still.

- Chris, USA
I’ve had an amazing stay. Actually in a universal way I found my heart and in the stillness of the mountains gave it to the universe to return as a whole. You are all so amazingly beautiful in your own perfect way. Thank you for the kind ears, the loving arms, the many smiles and a suitcase full of memories, I will definitely return. I wish you all so much love and happiness.

- Manon, Holland
Thank you for a fantastic experience here. I have been able to reconnect with myself during my 6 days retreat and create a resolution to commit to and to take home with me. I have met some incredible and beautiful people here and shared some memories that will last a lifetime. I am now dragging my feet in leaving, I will be back again for sure. I would like to thank all of the staff here, you have all contributed to making my stay so special. Thank you from my heart.

- Jane, Australia
I have had an amazing two day at Purna Yoga Retreat. The staff are so welcoming and friendly and the hospitality is incredible. The food is so good! Best I have had in Nepal by far. I loved the yoga as well, the teachers are so knowledgeable and have thought me so much about yoga and meditation. I wish you guys the best of luck in the future and I will always recommend you highly.

- Briana, New Zealand
Thank you so much for far exceeding my expectations these past couple of days. I came looking for relax and unwind and I definitely did that but I also learned how all the parts if yoga work together and how to apply them to my regular everyday life. I hope to come back some time in the future again withmy friends or family from home and have another great experience. I will carry what I learned here with me in my heart and mind always. Best wishes.

- Angie, USA
Today is the last day of my stay here at Purna Yoga Reteat and I had an amazing time. Thank you Manohar and your wonderful team! The yoga sessions, meditation and sound immersions were all very wonderful. I have never been so relaxed and aware at the same time. I really had an amazing time and the past few days have been the best I have felt in a few years – physically and spiritually healthy. The food here is incredible, please make a youtube blog for all the delicious food. I am amazed at how delicious the food without meat can be and how well I feel physically without eating meat. This you for this wonderful stay and an unforgettable experience.

- Scarlett, Hong Kong & Canada
Thank you so much to the whole Purna Yoga team, the last week has been peaceful, rejuvenating and exactly what I needed. I loved learning about all aspects of yoga through your perfectly designed retreat program. You really have inspired me to continue to learn more and make yoga a bigger part of my life. Thank you for your amazing hospitality, atmosphere, fantastic food and great vibes. Oh, one more thing - thank you for your warm smiles every day. Hope to see you all again one day.

- Deanna, Australia
Discovering yoga was an enrichment for both of us. The caring and loving environment and the wonderful people here made for an exceptionally wonderful experience. With all the different activities, meditation and yoga sessions we got a deep insight into yoga and the music sessions were awesome. With love,

- Katharina & Jug, Germany
I stayed here for 2 days yoga program and it was my first time doing yoga. I did not know that there were some many ways to practice yoga and so many aspects to it. The teachers were really helpful and I never felt rushed at all and the whole experience was great. I now want to continue the practice at home and I'm sure to bring my friends back here again!

- Marcus, Singapore
On the morning that I am leaving this place I feel so emotional as I reflect on the whole experience of being here. From the lovely warm welcome as I arrived at dusk…the exquisite and wholesome food…the comfortable bed…the earthy colours and beautiful decorative objects…the stunning Buddha sculpted in clay…the bird songs in the nearby forest…the whole experience was so relaxing. And the yoga and meditation…the very way that the teachers are (and all the staff) is so calming and soothing… and the nature of yoga classes was just right for me. Practicing this at home will help me to emulate the calm and peaceful nature of the teachers and it is a great incentive for me not to let this go but continue at home. And I will be back for sure! Thank you all at Purna Yoga.

- Sue, Scotland
I would like to thank all of the staff at Purna Yoga Retreat for making the most pleasant stay for me. It was just what I needed at the end of my trip - to get back into my yoga practice and reflect on my incredible time in Nepal before heading back home. I can take with me new knowledge and refreshed appreciation of how beneficial yoga lifestyle is. Delicious food, fabulous instructors and a blissful setting. I can't get some of the chanting out of my head. All my thanks until the next time.

- Kelly, Canada
I was a little apprehensive about my first yoga retreat experience but from the first contact with you, I felt completely reassured. You have been so welcoming, encouraging and caring and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to everyone I know. I particularly liked (loved!) the sound bath and the delicious food. I stayed for 3 days and it was a highlight of my 35 days in Nepal. Thanks for your support, teaching and wonderful retreat. I'll be back!

- Trish, United Kingdom
To the amazing team at Purna Yoga Retreat - my time here has been incredible. I give thanks to Manohar, Karnesh, Mahesh and the fantastic chefs who prepared delicious and nutritious meals for us every day. Thank you for showing us the way towards unitary consciousness through yoga union. The content of the retreat was well put together and I enjoyed everything, especially meditation and kirtan. I will be back to learn more. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

- Eva, Australia
Thank you so much for the stay! I've had an amazing time, the staff is so caring and nice and the courses are just perfect! I will so miss this place until I come back again for another retreat or a yoga trek. Thank you again and keep going, you are the best and you're making this place a little piece of heaven on earth. See you again.

- Estelle, France
We want to thank you for having us even though it was only for a 1 day retreat, we wish we could have stayed longer! The mud bath was incredible and we really enjoyed our stay here. It was really interesting to try all the different kinds of yoga practice which you showed us. The staff is great and welcoming and the surroundings are amazing. Many thanks and all the best!

- Ida & Signe, Denmark
What a wonderful stay! I just loved the harmony that I found in this place. The staff works hand in hand and the quality of the service is just outstanding. I will miss everything and especially the delicious food. I'll also have to come back for a yoga trek next time. Be sure that I will recommend this place to anyone interested in visiting Nepal. See you soon!

- Anthony, Reunion Island
What an amazing time I had at your beautiful yoga retreat. From the first day I felt calmer and relaxed and totally at peace. Before arriving I thought that perhaps three days of yoga from morning till night might be too much but now I wish I could stay another week! I can feel my yoga postures have improved and I will absolutely continue my yoga and meditation at home and hopes that it helps to achieve my goals for the coming years. The staff are all wonderful and are the most kind and generous souls. I can't thank you enough.

- Angela & Faye, Australia
Thank you for creating this amazing retreat. This place exemplifies "flow", everything about it is smooth and no hassle. The place is beautiful and the people are all so welcoming and kind. The food is delicious. I was here 4 days and each day had a different group of people coming and going and it was all seamless. It was great to meet many nice people and enjoy these surroundings together, the mealtime conversations were great and interesting. The attention to detail here did not go unnoticed, beautiful space, beautiful people, fantastic yoga and an amazing energy. I came here for renewal after 5 weeks of constant travel and it's been pure bliss! I have only good thoughts and kind regards for this place and the staff here. Thank you to all of you.

- Erin, USA
Purna Yoga is the place to be! The place to relax, doing yoga, wellness, eating very well, meeting interesting people, reading books, making mandalas and getting your energy back after a trek. Thank you very much for a week of my stay in this wonderful house in Pokhara. The experience I take with me will be very useful in my life and I hope and wish to return here one day! Purna Team – you are great and I’m very happy to be here.

- Roman, Switzerland
Thank you for a fantastic, relaxing three day yoga retreat. The food was amazing, the meditation and yoga sessions soothing and inspiring but most of all I enjoyed staying with you because you're such incredibly welcoming people. I cannot get enough of the breath taking view over Pokhara you guys have up here! I will tell everyone what a beautiful and safe country Nepal is and that they should come stay with you. Thank you for showing me the Nepali way of life – deal with things as they come in the present moment. I think my over-planned and over-organized life has learned a lot from you. Namaste and all the best!

- Maxine, Netherlands
I want to thank you for your incredible warmth, hospitality and making my stay the most fulfilling vacation of my life. I have never expected to learn so much on my journey as I have thanks to you. You were such genuine and personal hosts that I feel like leaving my family behind here in Purna Yoga Retreat. I will miss you and I will always remember that inner light and warmth I received in your beautiful retreat. I am wishing you all the best from the depth of my heart and hope to see you all again at some point of my life. You will always be in my heart and my memories for the way you've changed my life. Thank you and bless your beautiful sanctuary of wellness and peace.

- Tina, Dubai
Dear Purna Yoga people, thank you so much for a wonderful experience at your beautiful center in such lovely surroundings. I stayed here for three days and 8 days trekking and it was exactly what I needed. I really appreciate the warm and lovely atmosphere that the people here create and of course the fantastic food and different kinds of sessions that you offer. All my best wishes for this place and I hope to see you all again sometime in the future.

- Josefine, Denmark
Agnieszka and Manohar – it was more than just a pleasure to meet you, it was a release, a time to get close again with what counts most – nature, time for self, movements, sleep, own mind and wonderful talks with you and other visitors. Thank you deeply for taking care of me so much and giving me so much inspiration related to yoga and nutrition, I won’t forget my time here and I won’t forget you. Thank you and all the best – keep going, you are on the right path.

- Claudia, Germany
A big thank you to Manohar, Agnieszka, Agni and their team. We have had a wonderful stay here and it was exactly what we were looking for – a more complete yogic experience than asana, but also great asana instruction. We feel happy, healthy and relaxed. We would definitely recommend Purna Yoga, keep up the good work!

- Louisa & Tim, United Kingdom
I want to really thank you for an incredible stay here at Purna Yoga. Everything from the yoga classes, to the food, facilities and especially the people – has been exceptional. What a wonderful place and a great way of spending time in Pokhara. I really hope that you will do well with this place and I will recommend it to everyone I know travelling to Nepal.

- Mari, Norway
Dear Purna Yoga Team, I want to deeply thank all of you for this great week. You made so much effort in every possible way that I felt totally relaxed and welcomed from the very first day. With all the exercises, I got to know my body in a different way. In combination with your lovely food, delicious tea and the detox cleanse program I feel light and strong at the same time. Thank you for your awesome support and warm care. I wish you much patience and energy to keep going with this great yoga retreat center.

- Heidi, Germany
What a fantastic place! After 10 days of trekking in the Annapurna region this was just what we needed. Even after 1 day I feel totally relaxed! The location is beautiful, the food was the best and of course the yoga and meditation classes were very good. And I could recommend the mud bath, it's really fun. Thank you for our great stay.

- Leonie & Tim, Netherlands
Your yoga center is pure bliss. I really enjoyed the many facets of yoga I got to experience here – chanting, sound immersion, mantras, asanas and yoga philosophy. Thank you for all your patience, the entire staff exemplifies true yoga nature. The yoga studio and grounds are beautiful and provide a calming atmosphere. Thank you also for nourishing my body with such delicious food. I hope to be back and I will recommend this place to others.

- Ann, USA
Purna, how do we begin to describe how incredible our stay was… Our expectations were all met and exceeded! It was more than just a visit to a yoga center, it was a visit to a family. We were deeply humbled at how accommodating everyone was and the way that we were welcomed with open arms and farewelled temporarily, as I am sure we will be back soon! We have gained so much knowledge and exposure into what it means to live a yogic lifestyle. We are so thankful and will certainly carry these skills and mindset with us wherever we may travel and head in our lives. It will be a comfort reminder of our mentors and family at Purna telling us to breathe, focus and simply relax. We developed our yoga practice here and we plan to continue this journey always. Lots of love to all who made us feel so special and happy.

- Cristina & Mitch, Australia
Dear Purna Yoga family, thank you very much for the nice stay here, I really enjoyed my time. Thanks for introducing me to yoga and meditation, I hope I can continue back home with it. Also thank you for the very delicious and healthy food. I wish you all the best for the future and I'm sure you will be extremely successful, your place is so special and charming. See you again soon.

- Theresa, Germany
This place is amazing – serene, beautiful, so close to nature. Everyone here is so warm, friendly and welcoming, just like a second family. The yoga, chanting, singing bowl sound, yoga nidra and all the activities are fantastic, even the neti cleansing. This is the perfect place to spend time before and after trekking and I will be back again. Thank you and Namaste!

- Zena, New Zealand
What a wonderful place this is and what an amazing time we’ve had. From the morning wake up call to the after dinner chats, we have felt like family while we were here. Everything was more than we expected it to be – the food, the teachers, the mud baths, relaxation, the banana stretch - EVERYTHING! We are so grateful for the time spent here and forever grateful for the teachers, the practice and the hospitality we received from everyone here. We hope to return.

- Alexa & Valerie, USA & Qatar
It was a great experience being at the retreat and doing the detoxification. I learned a lot and it gave me a new input for taking off on my new path as well as getting back into my regular yoga pactice and fingers crossed, maintaining it. Thank you for everything – the space, yoga, delicious food and relaxation and much more.

- Martina, Switzerland
Spending a weekend here has been a last minute decision but definitely one of the best ones! Two days of extreme relaxation and growth, guided by wonderful teachers who pass you energy just with their look. The surroundings are beautiful, premises very comfortable and food amazing. I hope the Purna Team will have a lot of success, not only for them but for the benefit of those who visit this amazing place.

- Cristina, Italy
Thank you for such a wonderful week at Purna Yoga! This was the perfect place to enjoy my sabbatical from work, to recharge and live in the moment. It has been a privilege to learn so much about yoga and meditation over this past six days, cleanse my digestive system with healthy juices and eat amazing food. Plus I learned so much about the world and Nepal through engaging conversations with staff and other guests. I hope to be back for the mountain views and for a yoga trek.

- Callie, USA
A wonderful slice of paradise. Great place to come and slow down, decompress and renew. A blessing after providing earthquake relief in the chaotic city of Kathmandu for weeks. The staff is very sweet and attentive but gives you private space as well. The schedule is well balanced with activities and down time. Food is delicious, nutritious and filled with love. With gratitude, Beth.

- Beth, USA
I have joined yoga treks with Purna Yoga four times in the past so I was sure that the new retreat center would be a very nice place to relax and to improve my practice of yoga and meditation. I have lived in Nepal for a few years in the past and I would visit Pokhara at least once a year for some rest and beautiful surroundings so I know the area well. But now Pokhara has a new highlight: the wonderful Purna Yoga Retreat Center. A lovely quiet place with wonderful nature around. There are nice places to sit everywhere around, to look at the lake and hear the sounds of the jungle. After challenging yoga session, to take a steam bath and admire differents types of butterflies passing or paragliders or just the clouds. The environment is perfect to calm down and relax, to learn and enjoy the sound bath with singing bowls. A special highlight for me was mantra and kirtan chanting, which I haven’t experienced in such quality and intensity before. As all the other guests wrote, the organization of the centre is running smoothly in all details and aspects. And that is not self-evident, especially under the condition of Nepal. And I admire with how much thought and love the facilities are planned and you can feel the positive spirit and energy.

I came directly from Germany, long journey, but I felt very relaxed here and I enjoyed my room, bright and with lake views. I felt encouraged to deepen my yoga practice at home and I feel I should come back next year to stay longer, maybe in combination with yoga trekking again. Thank you for your great service and the support of the whole team. Manohar and Agnieszka I wish you all the best, love, power and energy to keep developing this wonderful Purna Yoga Retreat.

Thank you and love.

- Wilma, Germany
At the beginning my idea was to stay 6 days but after seeing the wellness that I started feeling with all activities and daily routine, I decided to stay 4 days more. Thank you for your warm heart, for your spirit and soul which I could feel when you taught yoga and also when you made my stay impossibly better. I learnt a lot about yoga and about humanity.

I am ready now to go to the mountains, I will see you all again when I get back.

P.S. Binod your hands and your soul I felt in every chew. And the lady who works as a housekeeper, thank you for your effort and for your smile each time that we saw each other.

- Ander, Basque Country
Thank you so much for such a wonderful, calming and inspiring few days. A perfect retreat and the opportunity to stop and think. Agnieszka, Manohar, Karnesh, Mahesh - thank you for doing so much during my stay. I learnt a lot about yoga, meditation and myself. And Binod thanks for the delicious food. Best of luck with this amazing place - keep doing what you're doing. Love is all. P.S. Thanks for all the steam baths!

- James, UK & Qatar
I am very grateful to get to spend some days here. It is a perfect place to recharge because of the programme but especially because of the nice environment and great people. Thanks for letting me stop, think and most important feel what is going on and what I find important. When I get back to Nepal again for work, holiday or maybe even live here, I will definitely stay longer. Keep doing what you all believe in and then the people like me will keep coming and coming back. Thank you very much and I wish that all your dreams will come true.

- Manon, Netherlands
Lovely to have been here 21 days, they've passed so fast. You have all been so welcoming and made me feel like part of Purna Yoga family.

Manohar - thank you for your always smiling face and very patient mentality. Agni - keep the fire burning and when it gets too much you can always put it out with some warm milk. Karnesh - you've treated me like a queen, thank you for your friendship.

Agnieszka - thank you for getting my creative side out, I really hope to keep it up - just like the yoga and meditation practice. Mahesh - my stomach man! Thank you for your awareness and focus. I will miss you all!

- Malene, Denmark
The last two months have been some of the hardest this country has ever experienced (reference to April 2015 earthquake). Finding peace and calm during such time is near to impossible. But coming here for R&R after 7 weeks of aid work was the BEST choice I could have made. The team here made it a most serene time for me and I thank them for their hospitality, warmth and friendliness. You are very inspiring, not just for the yoga practice you share with such passion, but even more so for the care and love you give to your fellow Nepalese people. Much love and light.

- Alexandra, Germany & Switzerland
I have been travelling for 3 months now and desperately needed a break to recharge my batteries and get back in touch with my health. I was very happy with my stay at Purna Yoga Retreat. From the breath taking view to the kind and caring staff to the delicious food at every meal - what a great experience! I only wish I could stay longer. I am so thankful for all the hard work on the part of the owners and staff to make this heaven-like retreat in the hills. What a gift and excellent addition to an amazing trip. I hope to be back! And soon!

- Maggie, Canada
We just finished 9 days trekking in the Annapurna region and wanted to find a place to heal our tired muscles and relax our busy minds. Purna Yoga Retreat has been perfect! A beautiful and peaceful location with wonderful teachers. In just a few days Mahesh has taught us so much more about yoga and meditation than we could learn back home. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming and the food is super delicious. Thank you!

- Leah & Cory, Canada
Our time in Purna Yoga Retreat was amazing. We loved all the programs and we enjoyed to get a chance to widen our horizon and to collect so many new experiences. At every moment we felt comfortable and welcomed. The meditation lessons were so inspiring and helped us a lot to calm down. Also the yoga sessions were very well guided and inspiring. Not to forget the great food here, every meal was just delicious. We will never forget this great experience and we hope to be back again.

- Eveline, Theresa & Simona, United Kingdom
We ended our 6 months travels around the globe at Purna Yoga Retreat. It was the best decision we took, what a positive way to end the trip. We enjoyed our first yoga and meditation retreat very much. The program was great and so were the facilities. But most importantly the team of people, from yoga teachers, to managers and staff were all around fantastic. We felt so relaxed throughout the few days we spent here and strongly feel we have taken something special back with us. What a fantastic experience it was, thank you.

- Rabie & Nour, Palestine
What an amazing place! Everything was so perfect - the retreat program, the food and the staff. I had such a peaceful time here and I learned so many new things about yoga, meditation and Nepali culture. A big thanks to Mahesh for his fantastic stories about yoga history, Hinduism and Buddhism. I will never forget his smiley face and I will always carry the great memories of my stay at Purna Yoga Retreat with me.

- Sandrine, Switzerland
I have just arrived to Nepal from Miami, Florida and it has been a long few days of travel. I wanted a place to rest and clear my head. Purna Yoga retreat was ideal, I felt very comfortable and my stay was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. The food is healthy and delicious and yoga program is exactly what I needed to relax my mind and my body. I was recommended Purna Yoga by my friend and I will definitely recommend Purna Yoga Retreat to others. I will be back again.

- Ashley Jane, USA
I've always seen myself as someone overly busy without any rest in my body. The yoga classes taught me how to focus and work with my clumsy body. My posture improved and after 22 years not being able to touch my toes, I finally can! Purna Yoga teachers are great and patient, with great tips and constructive criticism. I regret having to leave already!

- Willem, Netherlands
Yoga at the lake… pieces "fell into place". Staying in Nepal is not always easy when doing volunteer work among very poor families. At Purna Yoga I found my smile again and together with wonderful yoga and meditation sessions I started to enjoy my work again.

Thank you for your teachings, your kindness and your knowledge. I feel very grateful and with a calm happy smile I say "Namaste". May blessings be with you.

- Anneke, Holland
We arrived in Pokhara not sure how long we'd stay until we discovered Purna Yoga - and stayed for more than two weeks. We had two yoga classes a day which was transformative - it grounded us and healed our bodies and prepared us for a trek. All the yoga teachers are brilliant, funny and gentle. We loved the variety in the yoga classes - the combination of meditation, relaxation, sound healing, asanas and pranayama - it kept us engaged and focused. Our balance and flexibility improved beyond expectations but more importantly, we felt ourselves melt into the moment more easily and just "be". Thank you.

- David & Kerry, New Zealand & Australia
The energy, inner peace and power of my body and mind feels so strong and daily yoga classes at Purna Yoga are the reason I feel this way. This place, the vibrant orange room with a view to heaven has taught me so much. The sounds, movements, yoga, relaxation methods will stay with me for a long time - thank you for all your kindness and help.

Best of luck with your yoga centre, I am much looking forward to see you all again when I'm back. Love and Namaste!

- Laura, United Kingdom
Dear Purna Yoga,
Thank you so much for a fantastic yoga experience, the past few weeks have definitely ignited a passion that I have just discovered and this is largely thanks to you, so thank you kindly. As well as the yoga I have learned about the singing bowls healing and much more so again thank you for generously sharing all this knowledge. Good luck for your yoga centre, I know it will be a great success and I look forward to visiting next time I'm back. Love and best wishes.

- Selina, Greece
Every day two sessions of yoga for a week at Purna Yoga. I never did yoga before, Purna Yoga taught me from the beginning patiently, respectfully and peacefully. I really enjoyed the yoga!

The teachers have much knowledge and give individual tips. Very good environment and location is superb. Hope to come here again. You invited yoga into my life, I will definitely continue this back home. Thank you very much!

- Saskia, Holland

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