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The food we serve in our yoga retreat centre is always vegetarian, organic and prepared with love in accordance with ayurvedic principles. We grow many types of organic vegetables in our own garden and the rest of the fresh produce we source from our local community. We are committed to promoting healthy diet choices with the help of our on-site nutrition and natural health specialist.

We serve a variety of healthy and balanced dishes every day but the brightest star of our cuisine is Nepal's traditional dish of rice or chapatti, lentil and various vegetable and bean curries, which we skilfully prepare and adapt creating many nutritious and delicious variations.

In cooking we use mostly wholegrain brown rice and wholegrain flours grown locally so we can be sure that our dishes deliver a combination of complex carbs, plant based protein and healthy fibre along with vitamins and minerals which makes for a truly balanced meal.

We can accommodate special dietary requirements like vegan, gluten or lactose free, please notify us in advance of your arrival.

Here are some examples of a typical menu:

Breakfast - Muesli with Fruit and Curd / Chickpeas with Fresh Coconut / Buckwheat Banana Pancakes / Cardamom & Cinnamon Porridge with Honey
Lunch - Chapati with Spinach & Cauliflower Curry / Veg Biryani / Tomato Paneer Korma with Green Peas / Daal Bhat with Fresh Salad
Snacks - Fruit / Fresh Coconut / Roasted Lentils / Nuts & Raisins / Fresh Cucumber & Radish
Dinner - Brown Rice, Okra & Pumpkin Curry / Vegetable Mo-Mo Dumplings / Bamboo Soup with Butter Bean / Hummus Wraps with Vegetables

We have also created our own signature blend of herbal tea which our guests can enjoy throughout their stay and even bring some home. Our Purna Yoga herbal tea is a blend of carefully selected herbs for a refreshing taste, gentle cleansing properties and improved digestion.

One of the most important factors for our health is the hydration of our bodies with an adequate water intake. At our yoga retreat centre we have installed specialised water filters which magnetise and mineralise the water while purifying it with a natural process of filtration through a ceramic filter followed by layers of natural rock and sand. This mineral water not only hydrates but provides the body with essential microelements and is of highest purity.

Detox & Weight Loss Retreat Food

Most of our detox & weight loss retreat programs include our 4 Stage Colon Cleanse which involves a special therapeutic cleansing diet for 3 days. In the first two days we introduce a delicious three colour detox salad in place of regular meals. This salad is designed specifically to provide high fiber content which aids in cleansing the body through binding toxins and regulating elimination process.

On the third day we continue cleansing with a raw vegetable juice fast. Introducing a one day juice fast allows the body to take a break from digesting and directs all energy towards healing and rejuvenating.

We prepare our fresh vegetable juices with the assistance of the newest technology of slow juicing, otherwise known as masticating or cold-pressed juicing. The slow juicing process ensures maximum extraction of living goodness out of vegetables and absence of heat in this process preserves nutrients and enzymes so that our juices are extra fresh and wholesome. We use one of the best slow juicers on the market, the Hurom HH Elite.

Our weight loss program guests enjoy special meals adapted specifically for weight loss every day. We eliminate "bad carbs" and include high-fibre foods to encourage faster metabolism. The weight loss meals are based on wholegrain brown rice, vegetables, beans, lentils and low GI snacks. Every day starts with a glass of lemon water to boost digestion, balance Ph and expedite elimination processes.

Special Programs

Special Programs

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