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About Purna Yoga Institute

Purna Yoga Institute (A Unit of Purna Yoga Retreat) is a dedicated residential centre for Yoga, Meditation, Teacher Training & Singing Bowl programs with a heart and soul. Whether you are looking to begin your new yoga adventure, deepen your existing yoga practice or just rest, relax and enjoy this tranquil yogic environment, our centre is the perfect place for you.

Yoga beginners will be encouraged to explore their asana practice and yoga fundamentals in a safe and nurturing environment. Experienced yogis can take their practice to a new level and discover different facets and elements of a complete yoga practice under the guidance of our experienced teachers.

Purna means "complete", yoga means "unity" and this is what we strive to achieve at Purna Yoga - a complete union of body, mind and spirit through a wide-range of yoga and meditation practices. We also emphasis that yoga offers a lot more than just physical movement and technique.

Yoga is a mind-set and a way of living, it is a state of deep inner connection with ourselves and the world around us. To experience yoga in its complete holistic approach is to bring more harmony, peace and contentment into our lives and to transform unwanted patterns into blissful living.

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Thank you so much to the whole Purna Yoga team, the last week has been peaceful, rejuvenating and exactly what I needed. I loved learning about all aspects of yoga through your perfectly designed retreat program.

- Deanna (Australia)

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Purna Yoga Institute
(A Unit of Purna Yoga Retreat)
Sedi Bagar, Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal
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王丽娜 Wang Lina
Purna 瑜伽静修中心/中国区总代表
Yoga Meditation in Pokhara, Nepal
电话号码/微信: 13853217905
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