Sound Bath

Part of the daily program at Purna Yoga Retreat is a group sound immersion or a sound bath. The sounds of ancient Himalayan singing bowls and gong are used as well as bells, tingshaw and ocean drum for a whole spectrum of frequencies.

The sounds of various instruments take the listener on a musical journey and each person experiences this in a unique way. For some, the experience is like a concert, for others it is meditative and deeply relaxing, and for others it is a healing experience.

During a sound bath participants lie on the floor or sit cross legged and just relax and listen. Most people close their eyes and go on an inward journey and give themselves over to experiencing the sound as it arises and falls away. Usually a deep state of relaxation is achieved and some people will fall asleep.

Sound is not only experienced through the ears – sound waves physically impact the body causing a vibration at the cellular level. Tension is released, blockages cleared, and the mind can become still. With its ability to induce a spontaneous meditative state, a sound bath experience can access parts of the mind that are usually closed, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness, higher consciousness and feelings of connectedness. Sound can clear stagnant energies and restore the free flow of vital energy throughout the body and help bring out calmness and peacefulness in our daily lives.

Special Programs

Special Programs

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