Jala Neti

Jala Neti is an ancient yogic cleansing practice, one of the six purification methods used in Hatha Yoga. This technique involves using a special vessel - a neti pot - to pour warm saline water into the nasal passages which has many benefits:

  • Helps you breathe freer when practicing yoga or meditation
  • Soothes dry nasal passages
  • Gently washes away dust, pollen, and environmental irritants
  • Removes excess mucus
  • Relieves allergies, sinusitis and blocked nose
We do this practice every day before our morning yoga class and this way we can enjoy more clarity, relaxed breathing and it becomes easier to synchronize breath with movement during our yoga practice.

You will receive a sterilized neti pot filled with warm saline water and you start by inserting the nozzle of the pot into left nostril, tilting your head to the right and tipping the pot gently until the warm water enters your nose. During this practice we breathe through our mouth only. The water enters left nostril, flows though the sinus cavities and flows out through the right nostril. Then we change nostrils and repeat the same on the other side. The passage of water through the nostrils washes the whole mucus membrane of the nasal cavity. All the sinuses and passages in the nose are given a soothing bath and are thoroughly cleansed.

Once complete, we practice a series of breathing exercises that help to evacuate any remains of the water from our sinus cavities. After this practice most people report a feeling of lightness, clarity and easy breathing that they haven't experienced before.

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Special Programs

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