Yoga Slim & Shape Retreat

14 Days / 15 Nights

Cost: 1050 USD per person

This is a two week yoga retreat designed especially to shape up, tone up and slim down.

During this program we put our focus on creating the most conducive circumstances for weight loss and getting into better shape with the help of yoga, meditation, steam baths, 4 Stage Colon Cleanse, special diet, rebounder exercise and more. We take the holistic approach to weight loss as it's not just the matter of physicality, it's a matter of the mind and emotions as well.

This retreat program features special weight loss diet which eliminates "bad carbs" completely and includes plenty of high fiber foods to speed up metabolism. The main basis of this diet will be wholegrain brown rice (known to aid in weight loss), vegetables, beans and lentils.

Your twice daily yoga sessions are geared towards weight loss with the use of a sauna suit which creates a kind of hot yoga effect. This promotes sweating which in turn increases the calorie burn ratio and eliminates toxins while improving your muscle flexibility. You will also enjoy the benefits of rebounder exercise which is very effective in shaping and toning the body as well as weight loss and it's great fun. Here you can read more about the manifold benefits of rebounder exercise.

The first ten days of the retreat follow our usual daily retreat schedule in preparation for the 4 Stage Colon Cleanse. On the 11th and 12th day we start the cleansing process by introducing a special cleansing diet which features a delicious 3 colour detox salad eaten three times a day in place of regular meals, followed by a one day fresh vegetable juice fast and finally the colon flush.

The last stage of our four day colon cleanse is an ancient yogic practice of Shanka Prakshalana – a salt water digestive tract flush. You will be guided and supervised by a trained and experienced yoga teacher in performing this cleansing process. You can read more detail about the whole process here: 4 Stage Colon Cleanse featuring Shanka Prakshalana

This yoga weight loss retreat provides the perfect conditions for taking the time out to improve the shape and tone of your body as well as boost your health, your immunity and your happiness levels.

This retreat program runs all year round but we do ask that you make your booking in advance. You should arrive to our centre after 3pm on the day prior to your program start date, the next 14 days being your retreat and departure being on the morning after your last day. We do recommend confirming your reservation in advance as spaces are limited. Please send an email to or use our booking page.

Included in the program:

  • 15 nights accommodation on twin sharing basis with attached bathroom
  • Dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast on the day of departure
  • Special weight loss meals on the first 10 days of the program (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner)
  • Special cleansing detox diet during your 4 day Colon Cleanse Program
  • Yoga & Meditation activities on 14 days of the program as per our Retreat Daily Schedule
  • Wellness activities of steam bath, mud bath etc. as per our Wellness Activities
  • Daily group sound immersion as per our Sound Bath
  • Expert guided Shanka Prakshalana (salt water colon flush) as part of the 4 day Colon Cleanse Program
  • Use of a high quality neoprene exercise sauna suit for yoga and physical activity
  • Two daily exercise sessions on a rebounder
  • Magnetised pure mineral water
  • Purna Yoga signature herbal tea
Program Schedule:
6:00am Wake Up call
6:30am Meditation
(Varies from day to day between Japa Meditation, Inner Sound, Antar Mouna, Mantra Meditation, Breath Meditation, Silent Meditation)
7:30am Herbal Tea Time
7:45am Yoga nasal cleansing with neti pot
8:00am Morning Yoga
(Pranayama, Dynamic Hatha Yoga & Static Asanas)
10:00am Yogic Brunch (Breakfast & Lunch together)
11:00am Wellness Activities
(Aromatherapy Steam Bath, Mud Bath, Himalayan Salt Fragrant Foot Bath, Aromatherapy Steam Inhalation, Self-massage with various massage tools provided)
12:30pm Nada Yoga
Sound immersion with gong, ancient singing bowls, bells, ocean drum, wine chain & happy drum.
1:00pm Leisure Time
(Time to rest and relax in our garden, read, explore the area, meditate, self-practice, hike, swim in nearby resort’s swimming pool for a small fee)
3:00pm Herbal Tea Time with Light Snacks
3:30pm Bhakti Yoga
(Chanting of mantras and kirtan)
4:30pm Evening Yoga
(Dynamic Hatha with elements of Flow, Power, Ashtanga and Vinyasa)
5:30pm Yoga Nidra
(Guided relaxation and visualisation)
6:00pm Yogic Dinner & Dessert
7:30pm Silent Meditation
(We end the day with silence - in a candle-lit yoga hall, with Buddha and powerful Mahamitreonjaya Mantra)
8:00pm Bed Time
For any questions in relation to this retreat program or anything else, please feel free to contact us on We look forward to hearing from you.

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Special Programs

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