Ayurvedic Massage

Duration: 60min

Cost: 35 USD per person

Ayurvedic massage techniques are known to be over 3000 years old and Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine known to mankind. The focus of Ayurvedic massage is not only on the physical body and muscles, but also on the subtle energies and channels that carry "prana" – the life force energy throughout our body. In other words Ayurvedic massage is a type of holistic bodywork that brings about balance on all levels and promotes integration of body, mind and spirit.

It strengthens and nourishes virtually all systems and it helps our body to function more optimally as a whole.

People undergoing Ayurvedic massage often say they have never felt so calm, gone so deep, been so still, or sensed such rejuvenation as when they experienced this type of massage. Ayurvedic massage turns the senses inside out and makes us feel deeper parts of ourselves.

Techniques used include common massage strokes as well as some flowing combinations of strokes specific to this type of massage. Your entire body will be massaged during this process, with special attention given to the feet, head and face – particularly sensitive and significant areas according to Ayurveda. We use hot oil for Ayurvedic massage and a lot of it. The Sanskrit word for oil is "sneha" which also means "love". Therefore to anoint one’s body with oil is symbolic of deep, nurturing and loving care. You will be given a choice between rich herbal oil in sesame base or a light almond oil base with added essential oils. We can also prepare special virgin olive oil base for people with nut allergies. Certain herbs or concentrated oils may be added to complement your unique constitution.

Auyrvedic massage is a gentle massage and it does not focus on specific ailments but rather it treats the entire body, mind and spirit in order to bring about harmony. If performed regularly, it is said to result in abundant health, longevity and inner peace. This treatment can be combined with any of the yoga retreat programs on request.

Special Programs

Special Programs

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